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Does the Soil & Water office cost share on building ponds?
No. At one time the USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service (our partners) did cost share on the construction of ponds for agriculture use but funds are no longer available due to increased liability. We do, however have reading material available that will assist you if you are interested in building a pond on your property.
Is a permit required to build a pond?
A permit is required prior to the initiation of the pond construction or modification if the dam is high hazard (determined by the division that the failure of the dam could cause loss of life or severe property damage), or if the dam is 15 feet or greater in height (from top of dam to lowest point at downstream toe) and the impoundment capacity is 10 acre feet or greater at the top of the dam. All statements or permits should be obtained by the NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) (336-776-9800) at 585 Waughtown St. in Winston Salem.
Does your office do perk tests?
The soil & water office does not do perk tests for septic tanks. The Stokes County Environmental Health Department handles all perk tests. Their phone number is 336-593-2403. They are located on the first floor of the Stokes County Government Center Building in Danbury.
Does the Soil & Water office conduct water tests?
No. Contact the Stokes County Environmental Health Department at 336-593-2403 for all water/well testing.
Do we pay our water bills at the Soil & Water office?
No. We do not invoice nor receive payment for water bills. Contact your town office for information on water payments (Walnut Cove Town Office -336-591-4809, Danbury 336-593-2002, King Utilities Office 336-983-5164).
Where do we report litter pickup needs along highways in Stokes County?
Contact the NC Department of Transportation at 336-593-8541. They have a department that works with the NC Department of Corrections to pick up litter along roadsides. The Soil & Water office contracts with the NC Department of Corrections to conduct roadside cleanups in the fall of each year during the NC Big Sweep litter cleanup effort.
Who do I contact to report someone who is causing water to run over onto my property?
Contact the NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) at 336-776-9800 ask for Land Quality.
Who do I contact to report loggers that are not following guidelines such as silt fences along streambanks, etc.?
Contact the NC Forest Service at 336-593-8154.
Do you do soil tests?
The Stokes Soil & Water Office does not test soil – all testing is done by the Agronomic Division at the Department of Agriculture in Raleigh. We do, however, have the required soil boxes and instructions on how to compile soil for testing. After the soil is placed in the appropriate soil box and the paperwork has been filled out, you mail the soil sample to the Department of Agriculture in Raleigh (address is on paperwork). After they test the soil sample the results are mailed to your home for review. You can also obtain soil boxes and information at the Stokes County Cooperative Extension Service 336-593-8179.
I want to buy and post one of those Agricultural District signs, do I purchase them from the Soil & Water office?
Yes, we do have the signs at our office for sale but the Agricultural District signs are only available to landowner’s who have applied and been accepted into the Voluntary Agricultural District program. For more information on how you can apply go to the Programs tab on this website and click Voluntary Agricultural Districts or call the soil and water office at 593-2846 ext. 3.
Do I have to follow my farm plan since I’m now selling my tobacco through a contract with the tobacco company?
Yes. Your farm plan has been developed to prevent soil loss on your farm and it is required in order to remain eligible for any USDA programs and/or assistance. Also, failure to comply with your conservation farm plan could affect tobacco buyout payments for producers. Farm plans can be revised to fit your existing needs at anytime by calling the Soil and Water office at 593-2846 ext. 3.
Does the Soil & Water office issue Sedimentation & Erosion Control Permits and/or Plans?
No, the Soil & Water office neither issues Sedimentation & Erosion Control Permits or Plans. Permits are issued by the NC Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) – Land Quality Division (336-776-9800) at 585 Waughtown St., Winston Salem. These permits must be obtained prior to grading in order to avoid fines. For information on obtaining a Sedimentation and Erosion Control Plan contact NCDENR – Land Quality for guidelines.

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